• Proud to announce First chair side CEREC Omnicam CAD- CAM system in North India- Fully Digital Dentistry.
  • Our new "Thaper Dental Clinic - Queens Road" is a fully functional Dental Clinic with latest technologies.
  • Thaper Dental clinic - C Scheme is now ranked among the top 10 dental clinics in India and the Best Dental Clinic in Rajasthan by "Global Clinic Ratings".
  • Thaper Dental Clinic C Scheme is now fully renovated to provide the ultra modern dental facilities in a Luxurious and Calm Environment.

Get the Best & Latest Dental Care

If you enjoy biting into crunchy apples, munching on popcorn and flashing a dazzling smile, you might need to take better care of your teeth -- now.

Current studies show that nearly 50% of the U.S. population does not receive regular preventive dental care. Why? Part of the reason is that many people fear dental visits. But regular check-ups and cleanings are as important to your oral health as are proper brushing and flossing. In order to overcome any anxiety you may have and keep your mouth in tip-top shape, it's important to find a dentist with whom you feel comfortable.

    Choosing a Dentist

  • To get the very best oral care, you need to see a dentist on an ongoing basis. It won't take long for you to evaluate a dentist. In fact, you can tell a lot on your first visit. The dentist should give you undivided attention, be courteous and patient, and take a complete medical and dental history, including any medications you are taking. You should be given a thorough examination and a clear explanation of what work needs to be done and what your treatment options are. Don't hesitate to talk about fees, especially if you need extensive work.

    You should feel free to ask questions and express any fears you have without feeling embarrassed. If you are at all apprehensive, ask about any special options to alleviate fear and pain such as hypnotism, acupuncture, or nitrous oxide (laughing gas). If you get a cleaning, the hygienist should be willing to give you instructions for caring for your teeth between visits.