The normal esthetics and function are restored by filling the tooth with CEREC Inlay/ Onlays (single visit Dentistry) or Precious metals and tooth colored resins. We do not use amalgams.


    Root canal treatment is carried out to save carious exposed & broken teeth, usually done in single sitting using state of the art equipment & techniques.


    In Prosthodontics, defects of the teeth, the surrounding tissues or maxillofacial areas are restored functionally and esthetically, thereby aiding the patient's recovery to healthy life. This includes replacement of missing teeth. Monolithic Zirconia bridges made by the digital process through CEREC have the highest precision known in Dentistry today.


    In the oral & maxillofacial surgery, various diseases, trauma and deformities, either congenital or acquired, in teeth, gingiva, tongue, cheek, palate and tonsils, as well as salivary glands, face and skin, are diagnosed and treated. Operating rooms & one-day hospitalization are available for the quickest recovery of our patients.


    Improves the tooth alignment and facial esthetics. It is also frequently required before periodontal and prosthodontic treatment. Adult orthodontics and cosmetic braces are also available. Invisible braces (Clear Aligners) are a boon to Adults requiring Orthodontics. Latest techniques involving straight wires and friction free brackets reduce the treatment time and achieve better results. Orthodontics implants are used as anchors to improve outcome.


    Congenital deformities such as cleft lip and palate are corrected for a normal social life.


    In pediatric dentistry, the oral health of infants, children and adolescents (from newly-born to 15 years of age) who are in a physical, psychological and emotional growth & development process is looked after.
    We have advanced equipment such as Nitrous Oxide gas-aspiration sedation machine, patient-monitoring devices, and provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment through the most updated analysis system. Very young and uncooperative patients are treated under General Anesthesia under Expert Pediatric care.


    In periodontics, the surrounding tissue structures of teeth are treated. Gum diseases are diagnosed and treated promoting healthy alveolar bone and gingiva. Bone and soft tissue grafts are used where regeneration is needed.


    When teeth come together or the jaw moves, the temporomandibular joint in front of the ears and the muscles of upper and lower jaws must work in harmony. Without this harmonious relationship, chewing difficulty, jaw pain, difficult mouth opening, noises or clicks in the jaw or pain in the cheeks or joints may result.
    Occasionally, chronic headaches or muscle pain in the neck may also be present. Diagnosis and treatment of oral and maxillofacial pain originating from the Dental Occlusion, TMJ or jaw muscles are carried out, and the function of the masticatory system is restored to a healthy state.


    Tooth loss is one of the most frequent finding in the aging process. Systemic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes also appear frequently. The Clinic for Geriatric Dentistry is for the 65-and-over patients who need specialized consultations and dental care.


    We boast of the best faculty members in the state, with unmatched academic backgrounds and professional competence. While the staff members operate in their own specialty, the clinics provide the integrated dental service system, where the complete dental treatment of the patient can be efficiently made through a cooperation of several specialists.


    The dental implants represent a state-of the art treatment where a highly biocompatible artificial root is inserted into the alveolar bone with the most current technology and biomaterials, and a prosthetic dental device can be attached to it, without the reduction of natural tooth or the discomfort of the conventional dentures. Advanced techniques for implant site preparations like Ultrasonic bone correction surgery and soft tissue grafting. 3-D Computer guided surgery is used wherever needed.


    Esthetic rehabilitation forms an important aspect of Modern Dentistry. Restoring the form and color of teeth and designing smiles to suit or even enhance the symmetry of the face, done in a single visitgo a long way in building a personality.
    State-of-the-art techniques like CEREC laminate Veneers, Metal-free ceramic crown and Porcelain bonded to gold crowns are carried out using latest equipment like Intra-oral Cameras, bleaching light etc. and supported by our own ultra modern Lab. We offer metal free CERECCAD- CAM crowns & bridge for enhanced esthetics, high precision and better biocompatibility.


    Extensive smile designing procedures are carried out as a part of personality building for everyone ranging from Media personalities, Models, Socialites, Executives, Students and any person wanting to enhance self-esteem.


    Researchers feel that stem cells could have the potential to treat several diseases, such as Diabetes and Parkinson's, Muscular Dystrophy, MI which continue to challenge mankind till this day.Stem cell research is directed towards curing or preventing a host of fatal conditions and diseases. Stem cells from the dental pulp offer a great potential to regenerate tissues. These cells, if banked at the right age, can help save your life at a later stage.